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How to Use

Hey! we are working diligently to add some video and social media content to help you on your beard journey. For now we will give a few pointers on how to use our products.

Bronny Soap and/or Hair and Body Wash:

1. Get dirty doing cool things like karate or lumber jacking.

2. Have enough self-respect to shower that filthiness off your body.

3. Rub a Bronny bar or a rag dripping with Bronny Hair and Body Wash all over your stinky self and remove that dirt.

4. Don't forget that undercarriage!!!

5. Pose magnificently in the mirror having becoming ridiculously clean.

Beard Oil:

1. After a strong posing session, grab a bottle of Isch Beard Works and Men's Hygiene Beard Oil.

2. Get that good oil in the dropper pipette and pierce your mighty beard with said pipette.

3. Randomly squeeze drops directly to skin through the beard across all beard covered face skin.

4. Massage using your recently cleaned finger tips into beard producing skin.

4.b. Also, apply to skin that is prone to dryness and redness for extra soothingness. 

5. Drop about a nickel sized amount into your hand and rub vigorously to warm the oil.

6. Rub into the beard from base of the beard to the tips (repeat as necessary based on bead length but be careful no ones want your beard to look like Darryl Jenks' hair).

Beard Balm, Butter, and Cream:

1. After a physical game of rugby or other manly activities determine to make your beard look good.

2. Remove about a thumb nail sized dollop of product and warm in hands by rubbing them together maniacally.

3. Massage into the beard from the base to the tip of hair.

3.b. For Balm use smaller amounts to fix random uncooperative hairs.

4. Brush or comb, reapply as necessary to achieve desired level of hold and/or softness.

Brush and Comb Set:

1. Brush

2. Comb